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Sections of the South African Chemical Institute: Please indicate, by ticking the appropriate blocks, to which Sections you are going to support. Please note that you may join 3 Sections at no additional cost.  Should you wish to join additional Sections, a charge of R50 per additional Section will be levied.

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Do you want us to invoice your subscriptions annually or for a three-year period.

Subscriptions for a three-year period - following benefits:

  • It is less admin for SACI having to send out the invoice only once every three years instead of annually

  • It is easier for members whose fees are paid for by their company or university to get them to make one payment instead of three separate payments and

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, you are immune from subscription increases for three years i.e. you will only pay three times the 2019/20 membership rate and avoid any increases which will be brought in for 2020/21 and 2021/22.

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