The annual subscription year runs from 1st July to 30th June each year.  The subscription of members admitted between 1st January and 30th June is reduced by one-half.

Regulations Governing Admission

Application for admission as, or transfer to, corporate member or associate member

1.    Summary for Requirements for  Admission    

The Council may admit as a Member:
a person who has completed a four-year course in any branch of chemistry and has been
granted a degree, diploma or certificate of an approved examining body, and (except in special cases) who has been engaged in full-time chemical work or further study in chemistry for at least three years; in exceptional circumstances, any person whose position and experience in chemistry justifies such admission.

The Council may admit as an Associate member:
A person regardless of qualification and experience, who is passionate about chemistry.
2.       Method of application
Complete the on-line application form, and note particularly the need (item 7) to identify three referees, at least one of whom is a Member (corporate) of the SA Chemical Institute.   (This applies to Corporate Members grade only). Make sure you have filled in an email address.

Obtain documentary evidence (e.g. official letters, degrees or diploma certificates, or certified copies of these) of your experience and qualifications (items 6 - 10) and attach it to the online application

Once the application has been processed and approved you will receive an invoice from Head Office with banking details.  When payment is made please use your membership number as ref.

The Secretaries SA Chemical Institute