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Leadership Think Tank For Women In Academia Conference 29-30 May 2018

29th– 30thh May  2018                                                                                 Venue: Hyde Park Southern Sun

The focus of this Conference is on women in academics, exploring the proposition that a higher proportion of women in such strategic positions can facilitate institutional change and improve recruitment, retention, and advancement of women within the professorial ranks.

Calling all #Powerful, Strong Willed Women with a high self Esteem, to be Empowered to our Leadership Think Tank For Women In Academia Conference. This exciting initiative will be taking place on the 29th to 30th of May 2018, Welcoming all advocates and emerging leaders in higher education to come together to address issues to dealing with female representation in academics decision making Positions! The idea is that  more women in strategic leadership positions would provide greater understanding of the dynamics of equality based academic polices and those attending will be treated to inspirational stories of achievement and success from accomplished leaders in higher education as well as practical strategies and skills to overcome key career challenges unique to women in the sector. It is also a fantastic networking opportunity!

This proposition is consistent with existing literature explaining women's stalled momentum in terms of the gendered institutional environment which creates an unequal playing field through organizational work policies, interpersonal networks, and embedded attitudes favoring the advancement of men. More women in strategic leadership positions provides greater understanding of pragmatic work policy obstacles, enhanced networking possibilities, and demonstration of a shifting organizational culture—all which can facilitate more equal participation of women within the academy. 

Inspirational stories of achievement and success from accomplished leaders in Higher Education
Practical strategies and skills to overcome key career challenges unique to women in the Sector
Mastering critical leadership skills to enhance performance 
Learn to communicate effectively, project confidence and become influential

Some of the Key Topics that will be Addressed include:
Lessons I have learnt..the easy. And the hard way!- a presentation worth over 35 years of experience in Higher Education
Unpacking the Patriarchal Structures that continue to dominate Higher Education and how to circumvent these
Dealing with the unexpected--the Generation Y students in Higher Education.
Using Design Thinking to ignite innate creativity in Women in Higher Education
Potential Impact on Prevalence of Women in the Professorial Ranks
The position of Vulnerable Female workers in the Informal Economy and Gender Discrimination
The Queen Bee Syndrome a Form of Gender Bullying
Develop a personal brand that will position you as a credible, authentic and influential force in Higher Education. 

This two day Conference identifies key areas that are strongly changing the landscape of Women in Higher Educational Institutions  in Africa. An in-depth look into these key issues will provide all academic practitioners strategies, information on how to deal with challenges as well as sustain that which has been working.

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