Notices and Announcements

2018 Responsible Care Initiative of the Year Award

CAIA’s Responsible Care® Initiative of the Year Award has drawn excellent entries over the years. CAIA is encouraging the submission of your company’s 2018 initiative entries. The submission deadline for this year is set at 24 August 2018. The purpose of the Responsible Care® Initiative of the Year Award is to:

  • Highlight the importance of safety, health, environmental, security and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

  • Reward a single Responsible Care® signatory company in each of two categories for their commitment and investment.

  • Facilitate the publication of achievements as a result of these initiatives.

The competition is open to all Responsible Care® signatories for initiatives undertaken during 2017 that are not related to implementing legal requirements. Multiple applications per company will be accepted. We require the following information with your submission:

  • The Responsible Care® Codes of Management Practice to which your initiative is aligned (minimum ONE Code).

  • A completed Application Form (attached). The forms are also available from Marna Enslin or the CAIA website and must be submitted to

  • One or more high quality photographs relevant to your initiative.

The shortlisting and identification of winners will be undertaken by CAIA. Shortlisted candidates will be forwarded to the Responsible Care® Standing Committee (RCSC) for comment. The RCSC will consider the following aspects:

  • Relevance to the Responsible Care® Codes of Management Practice

  • Investment of company resources towards the initiative

All submitted initiatives will be acknowledged in the CAIA Newsletter and the 2018 Responsible Care® Performance Report.

Download application form