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(IUPAC PROJECT 2021-005-1-041,

To anybody who may be interested

This is an invitation to contribute a chapter to the book mentioned in the title.

The book is meant to offer a panoramic overview of the current state of green chemistry in Sub-Saharan Africa. It aims at being comprehensive, providing information on current achievements, recognized challenges and envisaged near-future developments of green chemistry research and green chemistry education, as well as implementations in production activities.

Chapters may focus on individual institutions, or on an entire country, or on specific projects, or on specific issues. Sample themes may the following:

  • What has been built in terms of green chemistry research

  • What has been built in terms of green chemistry education

  • Research at the interfaces between green chemistry and other areas of chemistry (for instance, computational chemistry research focusing on the design of substances or materials relevant for green chemistry)

  • Research at the interfaces between green chemistry and other disciplines

  • Challenges experienced in building green chemistry research or green chemistry education

  • Envisaged developments for green chemistry research or green chemistry education in the near future

  • Shifts to cleaner production options by some industries, or other ways of implementing some of the green chemistry principles or criteria

  • Interest or recognition by policy makers

  • Interest or recognition by the public

  • Other green chemistry-related themes that the authors consider relevant.

Each chapter will aim at being wide-ranging and, therefore, will include as many aspects/themes as suitable for its scope. For instance, for chapters outlining the green chemistry status in a given institution, a section of the chapter could be devoted to a review of research outputs concerning green chemistry research or green chemistry education it that institution.

If you are interested, please, send me an abstract ( before July 15, 2021. The abstract should not exceed one page (Times New Roman 12, single spacing, 2.5 cm margins on all sides). Under the title, the abstract should contain the names of all prospective authors, their institutions, and the e-mail of the corresponding author. The deadline for the submission of complete manuscripts will be 31-12-2021.
For any other information that you would like to have, please contact me.

Looking forward to many chapters…

Liliana Mammino (editor of this book, University of Venda, South Africa)

Important note: Papers reporting the results of typical environmental chemistry studies (such as studies determining the presence of specific pollutants in a given environment) do not fall within the scope of this book.


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