The SACI was established in 1912 for:

  •        the advancement of the science and practice of chemistry

  •        the promotion and upholding of the status of the profession of chemistry


Any company having interests in chemistry and chemical technology is eligible for election as a Patron or as a Company Member.


Member (M.S.A.Chem.I):  Any person who has completed a four year course in any branch of chemistry and have been granted a degree, diploma or certificate of a university, technikon or other examining body approved by Council and has been engaged in full-time chemical work or further study in chemistry for at least three years.

Associate (A.M.S.A.Chem.I):  Any person, regardless of qualifications and experience whose work is connected with chemistry.

Student:  Bona fide students studying chemistry may be admitted as Associates with reduced subscription fees.   At present, FREE membership is accorded to Honours degree students.


The affairs of the SACI are managed through the following structures:

Council and its Executive

Coordination Committees:  Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal

Sections:  Analytical Chemistry, Chromatography (ChromSA), Electrochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry(SAAMS), Molecular Modeling, Green Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.


SA Journal of Chemistry:  For the on-line publication of refereed research papers in chemistry. 


  •        IUPAC Committee on the Teaching of Chemistry and Committee on Chemistry and Industry (COCI)

  •        Liaison with Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) organisations

  •        Information for Science Teachers

  •        Career information

  •        Participation in Chemical Industry Education and Training Authority (CHIETA)


National Convention:  held approximately every 3 years covering all branches of chemistry

Specialist Meetings:  covering analytical, inorganic, physical (Carman), organic (Warren) chemistry, chromatography (Chromsa) and mass spectrometry (SAAMS)

SACI members pay reduced registration fees


Gold Medal - to a person whose contributions in the field of chemistry or chemical technology
are of outstanding merit.

Raikes Medal - to a chemist, under the age of 40 on 31 December proceeding the year the year
of the award, whose original work shows outstanding promise.

Chemical Education Medal - to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to chemical education.

SASOL Chemistry Innovator of the Year Award  -  to a person whose scientific contributions in
the field of chemistry and chemical technology are adjudged to be outstandingly innovative.

Merck Medal - to the author of the best paper published in the SA Journal of Chemistry.

SACI Post-Graduate Award - to a student engaged in research for M.Sc., M. Tech., D Tech. or Ph.D. degrees in chemistry who is innovative, independent and enterprising.

James Moir Medals - Medals shall be awarded to the best BSc Honours student in chemistry at each Technikon, University or Institute of Technology.  To be eligible for the award the student must have achieved a minimum final pass mark of 75%  One medal shall be available for award annually for each Technikon, University or Institute of Technology in the Republic of South Africa.