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Welcome to SACI 2018

A special note of thanks to the SACI Conference Attendees at CISR – ICC, Pretoria from 2nd to 7th December 2018.

The long awaited conference has come and gone, only memories to cherish forever remain. The Organisers of the 43rd SACI National Convention wish to thank each and every one who attended or contributed in one way or another to the success of the conference. We really appreciate the time taken out of your busy December holiday schedule to present, adjudicate, assist and act as Chair of sessions, some at short notice. It was indeed a pleasure working with you all.

The conference had a total of 324 delegates over a period of five days i.e. 3rd to 7th December 2018, attracted no less fifteen nationalities, among these where delegates from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Iswatini, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Malawi, and many more. A total of 174 delegates registered as students. Even more pleasing was the fact that women constituted more than 56% of the total delegates. More than 100 talks and 144 poster presentations were delivered. We will be failing in our duty not to appreciate the presence and thought provoking presentations by our plenary, keynote, SACI award winners and invited speakers from all fields of chemistry.  

A special thanks goes to our host institutions; Universities of Venda, Limpopo, Sefako Makgatho and Tshwane University of Technology, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa, not forgetting City of Tshwane for transportation for their generous support and contributions. In the same vain, we wish to thank all our sponsors;  Department of Science and Technology, National Research Foundation, Royal Society of Chemistry, PerkinElmer South Africa, Bruker South Africa, Siemens, Prama, Merck group, NECSA NTP, NECSA NuMeRi, Ingaba Biotech, Separation Scientific, Hidden Analytical and all the exhibitors, for it was through their generous contribution that this conference was a success. We also wish to thank Schrödinger and Chemistry Class Advantage (CAS) – American Chemical Society Division for their contribution through the workshops offered.

The LOC which was comprised of SACI North Section representatives, appreciate the opportunity to learn and gain experience in hosting event of this magnitude. All the comments (negative or positive) are welcome and appreciated. Testimony to the success of the conference, a group picture taken on Monday, 3rd December 2018 is attached below. More pictures from the conference can be accessed from the following links:

1. SACI2018 by N Panichev

2. SACI2018 Day 1

3. SACI2018 Day 2

4. SACI2018 Day 3

5. SACI2018 Day 4

6. SACI2018 Day 5

Kind Regards,

Dr RM Mampa
Chair: SACI North Section
Chair: SACI 2018 Convention LOC
Department of Chemistry
Office 2006 (N-Block)
University of Limpopo
South Africa
Tel: (+27)15 268 2334
Cell: (+27)83 654 8312
e-mail OR: